Life after Kickstarter

Team Goth, We’ve wanted to write this update for quite some time, but were just never sure when the time was right and then too much time passed. We feel like we keep saying, “Something’s happening!” or “Hey, here’s another b-s development to try to get excited about!” But then ultimately nothing went anywhere for us and we were left asking ourselves, “Now what do we do, and worse- what do we say to our backers?” We’ve received several messages recently from vocal supporters of Continue reading →

Oh. My. Goth!

As most of you know, we have been working for the past five years to get this project off the ground. There have been many ups and downs and many learning experiences along the way–and we continue to get emails from our Kickstarter donors and fans who want to see this film, which only makes us more dedicated to bringing My Summer as a Goth to the screen. There is new energy around this project right now, and we couldn’t be more excited! We are Continue reading →

On puzzles, pre-production and patience

Have you ever put together a jigsaw puzzle, frustratedly looking for that one missing piece that will complete your hours of toil? Been on a see-saw that delighted you on the way up, but bruised your tailbone each time you crashed to the ground? Or ridden that ride at Magic Mountain that pulls you up to where you can see everything for miles–and then suddenly drops you so fast you lose your heart in your throat? That is what the last six months have been Continue reading →