Exciting news! The producers of My Summer as a Goth are currently casting for actors (see roles listed below). Filming is slated for July 18-August 12, 2016.

Log line: After the death of her father, 16 year-old Joey is sent to stay with her grandparents–falling for goth bad boy Victor during a summer she’ll never forget.

Casting Time: Sunday, May 22, 2016 / 9am-5pm

Location: Vanport Studios 5229 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97211

First round of auditions are by appointment only. Please do not show up without a scheduled audition time.

Where to submit info: Auditions are by appointment only on 5/22, 10 min. each.  Agencies, please submit actors to Casting Frontier with resumes/headshots; we will follow up with you to arrange best time for your actor to audition (see the My Summer as a Goth project page: www.castingfrontier.com).

NOTE: We are also looking for all types of goths for unpaid extras in party/club scenes: traditional, industrial, Lolita, etc., ages 21-50 y.o. If you are a goth or interested in being a goth extra, please submit a current picture of yourself dressed in goth attire to gothcasting2016@gmail.com along with your name and contact information. Please put “Goth Extra” in your subject line. Extras chosen will be emailed specific shooting dates and locations, and are expected to show up in goth attire and makeup as pictured.



Goth neighbor boy, 18, becomes Joey’s main love interest; he is sexy in an awkward, goth way; has a unique (and sometimes sexually fluid) charisma that draws Joey into his world.


Cute Latino/mixed race punk rocker, 18-20, tender hooligan with a sweetness hidden inside a tough exterior, coming to terms with his sexuality.

Pen & Cob:

Cute 16-17 yo Goth couple, the teenage Gomez & Morticia; there is an endearing dorkiness and joie de vivre to everything they do.


Super dandy, femme goth guy; tall, pale and bleached blonde. Disdains everything and everyone. Early 20s.

Caren with a C, Karen with a K, Shelley:

Clueless, popular girls, who like to party at the river and judge the other girls from the safety of their trio

Hick Teenager #1 & #2 –18-20 year old redneck boys from Gresham who drive around looking for trouble

Industrial Goth Guy – 20 year-old, tall, thin, pale but sexy, hardcore, spiky mohawk, real name: Lawrence

Alternative Guy – cute, semi-androgynous, hipster, early 20’s, likes to get tipsy and make out with guys

Goth Princess/Sophie – 19 year old college seductress; leading Victor on, has no plans for a relationship with him

Dumb Kid – 9 yo boy (no lines)




Joey’s grandpa, mid 60s-early 70s, retired college professor, eccentric hippie free spirit. Likes to cook breakfast wearing only an apron.


Joey’s grandma, mid 60s-early 70s, retired school counselor, also a free spirit – but a little more grounded than her husband Joseph.


Joey’s mom, late 30s early 40s, successful, Type-A writer consumed with career; recently widowed and in denial.

Roy & Elaine:

Retired neighbors to Joseph & Margaret; their Fred and Ethel counterparts.


Joey’s recently deceased father; late 30s-early 40’s teddy bear, heart of gold, stay at home dad gone too soon.

Mr. Gately:

Joey’s favorite teacher, charming and charismatic



Old Man: 80 year-old man that walks by Joey in cemetery

Bingo Caller – A larger-than-life personality is needed for this role.

Helga – German (or Russian) mama from the old country, loves bingo and the drink

Otto – son of Helga, lives at home; loves his mama, wearing bulky sweaters year-round, and collecting cat whiskers